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Lasallian Education

What is a Lasallian Education

A Lasallian education is based on the teachings and vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle. For De La Salle, education meant development of the total person.

A school can be said to be Lasallian:

  • when there is a profound respect for each student as a unique person,
  • when there is a spirit of community,
  • when the school offers quality education,
  • when it really merits the adjective Christian,
  • when it manifests solidarity with the poor and promotes the quest for justice and peace,
  • when its administrators and teachers have made their own the characteristics of Lasallian education,
  • when the school community is formed in reference to the story of John Baptist de La Salle.

In a Lasallian school, the Christian dimension permeates and shapes every aspect of school life: tone, atmosphere, spirit, signs, symbols, relationships, curriculum, requirements, policies, and regulations.

Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve: is the motto for a Lasallian education.

A Lasallian Education proposes – but in no way imposes – Jesus Christ. At a Lasallian school, all students are treated with respect and care, whatever their religious beliefs.

To accomplish the goal of a Lasallian education, De La Salle knew, requires dedicated teachers.

Adapted from original material created by the Brothers of Christian Schools, District of San Used with permission.

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