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Alma Mater

Music composed by Angelo Consoli; arranged by Louis Maffei in 1979. First stanza written by John Horan ('37); second stanza written by Tom Coonelly ('57); revised 1973 by the Loughlin Community Council.


Loughlin fight for victory,

and show your might for the right we adore.

Loyal ones of old St. James,

marching as before.

Spirits high and hearts so true,

our banner's purple and gold above,

As Loughlin lifts its head triumphantly,

always first is the school we love.



Onward, loyal Loughlinites,

and give three cheers for the purple and gold.

We've a name we must defend;

winning is our goal.

Rally now to meet the foe;

we'll put our strength and our hearts in play.

Until our school goes on to victory,

we will fight for the Loughlin way.


Loughlin School Song

Leo the Lion

In 1947, James Sutton ‘48 won the contest to name a mascot for Loughlin. He called the furious, school-spirited animal Leo the Lion. There were 300 entries in the contest. Sutton’s entry was in memory of Brother Charisus Leo, FSC. Brother Leo, who was the Athletic Director at Loughlin from 1933 to May of 1947, passed away just before the contest started. Brother Leo was noted for his courage and was described as a lion-hearted man at his funeral.