Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

What is a Lasallian Education?

A Lasallian education is based on the teachings and vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle. For De La Salle, education meant development of the total person.

A School can be considered Lasallian:

  • when there is a profound respect for each student as a unique person,
  • when there is a spirit of community,
  • when the school offers quality education,
  • when it really merits the adjective Christian,
  • when it manifests solidarity with the poor and promotes the quest for justice and peace,
  • when its administrators and teachers have made their own the characteristics of Lasallian education,
  • when the school community is formed in reference to the story of John Baptist de La Salle.
  • In a Lasallian school, the Christian dimension permeates and shapes every aspect of school life: tone, atmosphere, spirit, signs, symbols, relationships, curriculum, requirements, policies, and regulations.
  • Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve is the motto for a Lasallian education.
  • A Lasallian Education proposes – but in no way imposes – Jesus Christ. At a Lasallian school, all students are treated with respect and care, whatever their religious beliefs.
  • To accomplish the goal of a Lasallian education, De La Salle knew, requires dedicated teachers.

Statement of Beliefs

We believe:

  • that we bear witness to the person and the gospel of Jesus Christ as He is understood in the Roman Catholic tradition and seek to nurture in our students a lifelong relationship with God.
  • in the inherent dignity and worth of every person.
  • that as ambassadors of Jesus Christ we are called to minister to our students, helping them to discover their unique gifts and inspiring them to share those gifts with others.
  • that we teach our students to make sound choices and responsible decisions.
  • that we appropriately challenge our students to actualize their potential through our educational program.
  • that we provide a safe learning environment for our students to take educational risks.
  • that we empower our students to take positions of leadership in society.

Adapted from original material created by the Brothers of Christian Schools, District of San Francisco. www.delasalle.org Used with permission.