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Last Updated 9/23/2020

Brother Dennis Safety Reminders 

Ms. Gottsegen Important Updates Parent Email- 9/23/20

To learn about more about our Reopening Plans submitted to NYS, click here

School Reopening FAQ

Scheduling & Academic Requirements

Technology & Communication

Social Distancing & Safety Measures

Related Inquiries

Parent Survey on Reopening

Distance Learning

Please use the below links for on-line learning. If you encounter any technical difficulties, you may contact Desta Moe at

PlusPortals Rediker Website- solutions on how to use PlusPortals. 

Posting/Accessing Student Work for Teachers - written instructions for teachers 

Library Resources

Video conferencing with Zoom

AP CollegeBoard Review: for the latest updates regarding the exam and free on-line classes and review sessions. 

Submitting Coursework for Students

How to on exporting .pages file to a Word doc or PDF

Written instructions for posting coursework - (copy from email received by parents & students) 

How to Participate in Discussions- written instructions for PlusPortals

How to Upload an Assignment - link to a video  on 'how to'