A Special Visit from Brother Nestor Anaya

On Monday, November 29th, Loughlin received a special visit from Brother Nestor Anaya. Brother Nestor spent his time speaking with Loughlin staff and students, and made a few classroom visits as well. 

Br. Nestor hails from Mexico and serves on the Superior General’s Council. He is the Secretary of Formation for the Institute and, as such, he has coordinated the writing of the Declaration of Lasallian Education and the Identity Criteria for the Vitality of Lasallian Ministries; two significant documents from the Center of the Institute. 

Br. Nestor is responsible for coordinating the International Mission Assembly and is a member of the District of Antillas-Mexico South, as a native of Mexico City.  Prior to coming to Rome in 2016, Nestor was the Director of Mission for the District.

The main goal of his visit was to learn of the "strengths" and "challenges" facing some of the important ministries in the Region.  

It was an honor to receive Brother Nestor and we wish him well in the important work he carries back with him to Rome.