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A Warm Welcome for Brooklyn's Borough and Deputy Borough Presidents

A Warm Welcome for Brooklyn's Borough and Deputy Borough Presidents

On Friday, May 24th, we welcomed the Brooklyn Borough President, Antonio Reynoso, and Deputy Borough President, Kim Council '90.

Loughlin was excited and proud to welcome both the Brooklyn Borough President, Antonio Reynoso, and the Deputy Borough President, Rev. Kim Council '90. Joining them was Donavan Swanson, the Education and Engagement Policy Analyst for the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President.

Some of you will remember that Rev. Council is a proud Loughlin alum from the Class of 1990. You may also know that her sisters and brother attended Loughlin, as did Kim's children.

What you may not know is that Borough President Reynoso is also a proud Lasallian, having graduated from La Salle Academy in 2001. He and several family members received a Lasallian education at La Salle in Manhattan. Further, BP Reynoso's nephew is graduating from Loughlin next week!

The photo below shows Loughlin students demonstrating the Anatomage table to our guests (our state-of-the-art virtual dissection table). Borough President Reynoso admitted, "I have never seen anything quite like this in a high school or other setting." Their visit included a tour of the building as well as meetings with students throughout the building. He heard the Junior Band practicing Pomp and Circumstance, preparing for Commencement on Saturday, June 1st.

The band also played the school fight song for BP Reynoso and guests. Mr. Reynoso spoke to students about the great education they are receiving and encouraged them to carry their education with them wherever they go next, confident that they are well prepared.

Loughlin looks forward to our growing relationship with the Borough President, Deputy Borough President, and the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President.