Another Successful Literary Event in the 'Books'

This year's 12th Annual Loughlin Literary Event began with a collaborative, original performance by Loughlin's Poets & Writers Club and Drama Club.  The writers and performers were led by Poets and Writers President, Jocelyn Serrano Atienza and Vice President, Tai Sheppard as well as Poets and Writers Club Moderator, Mr. Frank and Drama Club Director, Mr. Johnson.  A number of the performers are members of both clubs.  This year's writers and performers are as follows:

  • Emmanuel Benamer, "Game Start" (a short story)
  • Tai Sheppard, "Chaos Within" (a monologue)
  • Gabrielle Jones, "Arleene" (a monologue)
  • Katherine Rodriguez, "Take Me With You" (a travelogue/monologue)
  • Evangeline Brewster, "Winter Nights" (a poem)
  • Jocelyn Serrano Atienza, "How Many is a Crowd?" (a monologue)
  • Katrina Greene, "Mirror" (a poem)
  • Jason Lukito, "Ocean Paradise" (a song)

At the conclusion of the collaborative Drama and Poets and Writers performance, Drama Club Director, Mr. Johnson and Assistant Director, Mr. Frank honored the following Drama Club Seniors for their outstanding, featured performances over their four years at Loughlin:

  • Hanny Echeverria Navarro
  • Celines Garcia
  • Jasmine Hooker
  • Rose Walsh

The 12th Annual Loughlin Literary Event concluded with the announcement of this year's 12th Annual BLoglin Writing Contest Winners, which are as follows: 

Kiana Ketcham is also the recipient of The 2021 Rising Writer Award, which is awarded to a freshman who shows exceptional promise in the written word.  

Finally, the recipient of The 2021 Senior Scribe Award is Rose Walsh for her outstanding contributions to the written word throughout her four years at Loughlin.  

Thank you to all those who attended this special event! See you again next year!