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Bishop of Brooklyn Pays Loughlin a Visit

Bishop Loughlin MHS was honored to host Bishop Robert J. Brennan on Tuesday, May 17th. Bishop Brennan, our Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill neighbor, spent the day at Loughlin with our faculty and students.

Bishop Brennan was installed just a few months ago - on November 30, 2021 - as the 8th Bishop of Brooklyn, serving the people of Brooklyn and Queens. Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, of course, is named after the 1st Bishop of Brooklyn - Bishop John Loughlin.

Bishop Brennan, true to his "approachable" reputation, was unaccompanied by others and walked the few blocks from 241 Clinton Avenue to 357 Clermont Avenue. The day started with a greeting by Bro. Dennis Cronin, FSC; President, Ed Bolan '78, Principal; Cecilia Gottsegen, Asst. Principal; Luis Montes, Dean; Lenue Singletary '87, Board Chair; Mary T. Macchiarola '58 BMD, Board Member; and Father Henry Torres, School Chaplain.

The first stop for Bishop Brennan was a presentation from Performing Arts students in the Auditorium, followed by a conversation with students. Principal Bolan then toured him around the building from top to bottom.

Bishop Brennan also met with Andrew Leary, Vice President of Advancement, Orlando Santiago, Science Department Chair, Mike Foley, Campus Minister, and others along the way. The final session was an expansive Q&A with a group of students in the library and media center (pictured above and below).

The Loughlin community can be very proud of the good impression made by our students throughout the day. Bishop Brennan was gracious with his time and commented that he was uplifted by the experience with students at Loughlin. We hope that this was the first of many future visits to Loughlin for our Bishop!

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