BLMHS Educators Attend Civic Spirit Institute

Illuminating the Principles and Practice of American Civics

During the week of July 29th through August 1st, Bishop Loughlin educators Petrus Fortune and Bill Mason joined educators from 14 Jewish and Catholic middle and high schools from New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles to attend the Civic Spirit Summer Institute, an intensive civic education training conference.

Bishop Loughlin is a vital member of the pioneering first cohort of faith-based schools revitalizing civic education across the country. This coming school year will celebrate Bishop Loughlin’s second year as a key leader in the Civic Spirit program, reinvigorating civics education for modern demands. 

At the Institute, teachers and administrators delved into primary sources and engaged in rich conversation on teaching the principles of American democracy, civil discourse, and responsibilities of citizenship in the context of a religious community with varying political and philosophical views. The educators learned with political philosophers, historians, curriculum specialists, and literary scholars. 

The Institute prepares educators to use Civic Spirit’s signature methodology of cultivating civic belonging, fluency with democratic systems, and hands-on experience to practice key civic skills. 

It is an honor for Bishop Loughlin to be a member of the pioneering Civic Spirit cohort, shaping how 21st century civics is taught in middle and high schools in America.

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William Mason, BLMHS Social Studies Educator


Petrus Fortune, BLMHS Department Chair, Social Studies Educator