Celebrating Black History, Past & Present (updated 3/26)

For the past two Fridays (March 19th & 26th) BLMHS held its annual assemblies dedicated to the celebration of Black histories both past and present. Students had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops, such as:

  • Judgement Day- A play where a judge puts the US on trial for past injustices
  • Finance for Students- where alum Kwame Egerton led a discussion on the financial nuances he wished he learned in HS
  • Black History Month Kahoot contest
  • A Presentation on Sports Activism with MLB umpire CB Bucknor
  • Cops & Teens Assembly
  • Discussions on Racial Justice led by our Campus Minister
  • A Presentation on Prominent Black Entertainers
  • Dance and the Spoken Word: A performance by Loughlin Students
  • Pan Girl: A play about a young lady’s struggle to play a “Man’s instrument” and discussion with the creator Ms. Juliette Jeffers.

BLMHS is very grateful to all of the presenters involved in making these past two Fridays such a huge success!