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Congratulations to Our Arthur Ashe Graduates '22!

Congratulations to Our Arthur Ashe Graduates '22!

On May 13th, the Arthur Ashe Health Science Academy commemorated the graduating class of 2022 with their first in-person Celebration of Achievement Ceremony in two years. Nine Loughlinites graduated from this prestigious medical program, and each of those students graduated with special Honors (as indicated below). These students have been attending the Arthur Ashe Program for the past 3 years, as facilitated by moderator/liaison, Mrs. Jason. Through this program, participants were empowered with knowledge and skills to further potential careers in science, medicine, nursing, public health and research. 

At the ceremony, two Loughlin students were awarded the highest distinction of “Grand Slam”:

  • Taysia Bartholomew
  • Sarita Blythe

Two students earned the distinction of “Aces”:

  • Kyla Atkinson
  • Rachel Mckenna 

And five students won the “Game Changers” Award:

  • Michael Adeniyi
  • Nya Alexander
  • Jeremiah Greenwood
  • Sienna Kirby
  • Nya Santos

We are proud of the great success and accomplishments of all of our Loughlin Arthur Ashe graduates!