Happy National Poetry Month and National Library Week!

Dear Loughlinites,

Happy National Library Week!

The Official Library Week Joke: 

April showers bring May flowers.  

What do Mayflowers bring...?  

Pilgrims 🙂


In celebration of Library Week, here are two ways to celebrate the power of performance and the written word:

1.April is also National Poetry Month and Loughlin's friend, Carlos Andrés Gómez is an amazing Def Jam Poet whom I would like to share with each of you.  Here's a very powerful and fun poem of his: 

"Everything" Carlos Andres Gomez

2. Our Annual BLoglin Writing Contest starts today!  

This year's theme: Use the following poem ("Remember" by Joy Harjo) as a source of inspiration to write a poem and/or short story.

  • Submissions must be typed and may not exceed three pages in length.
  • Your heading must includeYour Full name, Your English teacher's name, The DateYour Submission Labeled as either a poem or a short story, and A Title for your submission.
  • You may submit as many submissions as you would like (as long as each submission adheres to this year's contest theme).
  • The deadline to submit to me by e-mail (tfrank@blmhs.org) has been extended to Wednesday, May 6th, 2020.  You must put "BLoglin Writing Contest Submission" as your e-mail's subject.  

All students who submit will earn extra credit in English classes; additional prizes will be awarded to the Winners! May you break a quill! 

Finally, since National Library Week, National Poetry Month, and Earth Day all overlap this year... Here is the poem that all Writing Contest Participants are to use as inspiration for this year's Writing Contest.  I feel this poem brings all of these celebrations nicely together: 

"Remember" by Joy Harjo

Happy National Library Week!

Stay safe, My Friends!

Live Jesus in Our Hearts...Forever ❤️

Mr. Frank 

PS: In case you have not yet seen the Library Media Center's "Welcome Letter" on Plus Portals, please download the link below.  In this letter, there are a number of resources that I think you might find rather helpful.  If you need me, I am just an e-mail away 👍

Library Welcome Letter