In Loving Memory of Deacon Basil Bliss

It is with deep sadness we mourn the recent loss of Basil Bliss, a Deacon and educator at Bishop Loughlin. We pray for his family and friends during this difficult time. 

Our Lasallian Animator, Librarian, and close friend of Mr. Bliss, Mr. Ted Frank composed the following written word which beautifully expresses the impact Mr. Bliss left on our lives. 


For Basil

For years, Basil Bliss 

has been Our Voice of Loughlin 


having greeted our entire community

each morning;

having led us in daily prayer;

and in having shared each day's highlights 

and announcements for our school.

Basil, the most generous of men,

has also 

been a good friend.

When it came to golf,

Basil and I (as well as Mike Foley)

had developed our “core threesome”.

Basil has always been so inviting, so generous,

and so supportive.

In fact, here’s a little secret...

Each year Basil would bid on a 

round of golf at the annual 

Loughlin Lancer Golf Outing.

Nearly each year,

he would inevitably win the bid and

treat Mike and me to said round.

Each and every year, 

Mike and I would offer

to pay our own way.

However, Basil being Basil,

he had insisted on treating us,

his friends.

Good or bad round of golf,

Basil had always been content just to play,

while of course puffing 

on a cigar, hitting his ball consistently straight, and 

simply enjoying the company on hand. 

Mike and I (as well as so many of you)

have been truly blessed

to not only call Basil a colleague,

but a friend.

In so many ways, 

Basil has certainly been a glue

of our Loughlin community.

I’ll never forget the time

during morning prayers

in which Basil had 

said over the PA, “God is presence.”

Basil, thank you for having shared this 

most special of messages and 

for your presence in our lives.

Whether serving as a chef 

on our many retreats; leading 

our Loughlin prayer services;

moderating our National Honor Society;

being our in-house crossword master;

delivering the annual graduation homily; 

or proudly coordinating our Theology 

Department for many years...

Basil, through your service,

you have made it evident 

that being present in others’ lives

is the ultimate act of God.

Basil, thank you for having been

ever so present to us. 

It has truly been an honor, or as you 

would say, “It’s been a beautiful thing,”

to have been in your presence:

Our Deacon, Our Friend, Our Basil...

You will live in our hearts forever!