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Largest Museum Trip in Loughlin History

Largest Museum Trip in Loughlin History

On Tuesday, November 14th the entire 9th grade class along with faculty and staff, made the trip up to the fantastic American Museum of Natural History in NYC. 

In our long history, Loughlin has pulled off some remarkable school trips. Notably, the boat rides to Rye Beach several decades ago and school trips in more recent decades to Six Flags.

The group met early and ventured on to the C train for the 45 minute journey to the upper west side. We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the museum before returning back to Loughlin.  Mr. Effron organized this exciting trip for students. 

We explored the new $465 MM Richard Gilder Center including the Butterfly Vivarium, Insectarium, Dinosaur Exhibits and much more. Students answered questions throughout the day for Science classes. 

This trip provided an awe-inspiring connection to biology students' exploration of the Tree of Life, both past and present. From 200-million-year-old dinosaur fossils to butterflies fluttering around their heads, students studied how evolution works to create creatures with incredible shapes, colors, and abilities. They also learned how exciting a career in science can be, whether it be a paleontologist studying the past or an ecologist trying to protect biodiversity for future generations.