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Loughlin Attends Civic Spirit Day!

Loughlin Attends Civic Spirit Day!

On Thursday, March 14th five Loughlinites and their club moderators (Mr. Petrus Fortune and Mr. Bill Mason) attended Civic Spirit Day at the City Museum of NY. 

10 other Civic Spirit schools were in attendance to celebrate the theme, “Finding Your Civic Spirit Voice”. The day began with opening remarks from former Manhattan Borough President, Ruth Messenger.

Civic Spirit students then toured 2 museum exhibits, “This is New York” and “Activist New York”. Students analyzed the exhibits and brought their findings back for a group discussion.

Students then broke up into smaller pre-assigned groups. They expressed their “Civic Spirit” in drama, music, and writing workshops. The day ended with presentations  from students in each workshop. Our Loughlin Five (names below) prominently represented their school in each presentation and enjoyed the networking with other future civic leaders. 

  1. Josiah Louisma
  2. Angella Kupoluyi
  3. Esther Branch
  4. Jackson Wolman
  5. Caden Charles

Loughlin thanks the City Museum of NY and Civic Spirit for providing such important opportunities for our students.