Loughlin Celebrates National Library Week

Recently, Loughlin's Library Media Center hosted National Library Week with this year's theme, 'Connect with Your Library'. The theme promoted libraries as places to get connected to technology and bring communities together in addition to books. 

Here at Loughiln, our LMC staff, which comprises of our Library Media Specialist, Mr. Frank, our Lasallian Volunteer for Tutoring, Ms. Berry, and our LMC Aides put together a week-long program that included annual traditions such as The BLoglin Writing Contest and The Library Week Kahoot Trivia Contest as well as the beginning of new traditions like Lunchtime with Wordle & Mario Kart and The Design a Book Cover for Your Favorite Book Contest (congrats to overall winner...freshman Sara Forbes!). 

Throughout the week, the library also hosted The Great Riddle Race coordinated by senior Library Aide Clemerie Ntalo, film screenings thanks to senior Library Aide Katherine Rodriguez, daily activities on its Google Classroom, a faculty and staff meditation, and even an instructional Passover dinner for Mrs. Gottsegen's Theology class. 

All in all, Library Week truly brought our Loughlin Family together! But it's not over yet! More about The Annual BLoglin Writing Contest coming soon! Stay tuned!