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Proud to Announce 1st 50 Under Fifty

Proud to Announce 1st 50 Under Fifty

It is our privilege to announce the first members of Loughlin 50 Under Fifty!

We all know that Loughlin alumni are remarkable, and this group of graduates is a great example. We are extremely proud of this first cohort of leaders!

We will feature these individuals in the weeks to come so that you can learn more about them.

Below, you will find young alumni who are doing great things in a wide range of fields, from medicine to the U.S. Armed Services to education and more. They are also lawyers, engineers, teachers, social workers, marketing and public relations professionals, small business owners, and beyond. They are also global citizens, with many playing a vital role in their communities.


Kyle L. Johnson, MSwE ‘92

Robert J. Gore, M.D. ‘94

Niesha Westmoreland, MD '95

Dawn Everlina-Cox ‘95

Nicole H. Freeman ‘95

LTC Bennetta Council-Hamm ‘96

Tamecca L. Chester, Ed.D., SHRM-SCP ‘96

Susan E. Cameron, LCSW ‘97

Ingrid A. Pelzer, Esq. ‘98

Aurora Brice ‘98

Keisha John, DPT ‘00

Sheena Reid '01

Melinda T. Williams ‘02

Kahalia Solano-Johnson, Esq. ‘04

Jannah Handy, M.Ed. ‘04

Jeanette Toney, M.D. ‘05

Ayana L. Young ‘05

Andrew Guild ‘06

Brad Thompson ‘06

Saleena Abdur Rashed ‘07

Madjeen Garcon Bonneau, Esq. ‘10

Devin Cobbs ‘10

Jovan Alexander Wilson, M.Ed. ‘12

Teanu Reid, Ph.D. (candidate) ‘12

Jendaya W. Workman ‘14


Special thanks to everyone who nominated a classmate or friend. If you would like to nominate someone, please click here. Additional honorees will be selected in 2024 and 2025.