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Rain or Shine, Loughlin Knows How to Have a Good Time!

Rain or Shine, Loughlin Knows How to Have a Good Time!

We had a great day on Saturday, May 20th for the Loughlin Courtyard Cookout despite Mother Nature not granting us the wish for good weather. 

Throughout the day, a couple hundred alumni and future Loughlin students and families joined us for the festivities. We also had a number of faculty and former faculty with us. 

Thank you to PepsiCo for donating the soft drinks, Lisa and Lattasha our bartenders, Ariana De Roche '05 and Nostrand Station, Tony and Herbie from Maintenance, Record A Hit Entertainment for the skating rink, inflatable axe throwing, and photo booth, DJ Bookem for the music and our Alumni Pop Up Shop Vendors:

·        Kenya Kirkman '10 18 August Ave     

·        Cassandra Barnes'95 Cassiescakeology 

·        Bill Kiley'66 Childrens Picture Book

·        Nia Chloe Bowman '15 The $hmoney Coach

·        Dana Bazemore-Jolly'89 Honey's Shine Boutique 

·        Gabriella Grafakos '12 Starlight Wellness Shop 

·        Leila Reynoso '24 Peña Colada

·        Deydra Bringas '03 Trivia for Us

·        Deborah Redd '78 All Things Food, LLC 

·        Yasmine Avent '25 Travel Agency

·        Yonette Mounsey '11 Vibrate Higher Boutique

·        Viquita Barnes '00 Jetset V LLC

·        Syvonne Moore ’99 Warrior

Thanks to you the sun shined through!