Recent Graduate Joins the Bronx District Attorney

Shania Felix ’13 visited Loughlin on October 4th to speak with students

We are very proud of our Loughlin alum, Shania Felix ’13. Ms. Felix will soon graduate from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University where she is on the Pace International Law Review. Ms. Felix attributes her early success to a great Loughlin education and the Scales of Justice Academy.  

Ms. Felix recently visited to speak with students who have expressed interest in a law career. She spoke and answered questions for more than an hour. Students heard her message about hard work, challenging yourself, preparation, and taking advantage of available relationships and opportunities.      

Please read the Q&A here:

What did your Loughlin years provide you in preparation for law school? 

Bishop Loughlin, as a college preparatory high school, began preparing me for my career from day one. I was introduced to the speech and debate team, and ultimately became captain of the team. Through the team, I learned how to be an advocate and more comfortable with the law in particular. Also, being a house representative (student government) for four years taught me how to be a leader.

Finally, being introduced to the Scales of Justice Academy changed my life. My guidance counselor at BLMHS knew I was interested in the law, and sent in my application when she heard of the program. Beginning the program in the summer of my junior year of high school in 2012, I was unaware of the opportunities and doors it would soon open for me. The program introduced me to my lifelong mentor, the Honorable La Tia Martin, who I am so grateful for.

At the conclusion of the three-week summer intensive introductory legal program, I was excited and more hopeful for my future in the legal field. Through the Scales of Justice Academy, I was able to network and learn from professionals at a law school I am now attending as a third-year student. The program provided the information and the drive to attend college and further my career in law school.

Returning to BLMHS for my final year, I was supported by every faculty member and guidance counselor in pursuit of my career goals. BLMHS did an amazing job in prepping me for the tough and long road ahead. Some examples: challenging AP classes, staying late for activities, career days, and mentorship by two dedicated faculty members. I am grateful for the school and staff. 


What drives you in your pursuit of a law degree? Why did you choose this path?

I have been driven to be a lawyer since the fourth grade. I have a passion for legal public interest and helping the community because of the disadvantages I have experienced living in a high poverty neighborhood in Brooklyn. I have a strong desire to be an advocate for victims of crimes and criminal litigation excites me.

The turning point of my life was the first day of 7th grade. I was informed that I would skip the grade altogether! Ever since, my life has felt as though someone hit the fast forward button and forgot to press play. This drive and passion manifested while at Loughlin, and through the program.


As a young woman, how have you responded to the challenges along your path?

BLMHS and this program taught me that as a young woman from a minority or disadvantaged background; I can overcome and make something great out of myself. I walked away with an opportunity to pursue an educational path. Throughout my college career, I have maintained this mentality in all of my courses and activities.

My life experiences have taught me that as a young black woman, you can be successful. This has had a domino effect on my life. I have developed a lifestyle that is focused around discipline, and I have internalized a high degree of self-determination. I have gained a significant appreciation for my race and socioeconomic background. Embracing my background has helped me succeed in law school, and I know it will follow me in my career. 


You have been offered a position with the District Attorney’s Office in the Bronx. Will you plan to accept the offer?

Yes! I have accepted the offer and signed my contract.


What are your long term professional plans? 

I plan to be a career prosecutor and, hopefully, someday soon a judge.