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Academic Policies

Policy for Grading

The Grading Policy explains how the final grade for a course is calculated. There are four different ways that grades are calculated. The formulas vary depending on whether the course is a full year course or a half year course and whether or not there is a midterm and final exam.

 Grading Policy

Policy for Promotion

This document gives the rules for passing courses and being promoted to the next grade. It also gives the consequences for failing to pass a course.

 Promotion Policy


Internet Policy

This document delineates the proper and improper uses of the Internet and school computers. It also gives the consequences for misuse.

Internet Policy

Policy for Participating in Athletics and Extra-curricular Activities

Bishop Loughlin believes that educating the whole person is important and that athletics and extra-curricular activities are a vital part of that education. However, participation is predicated on meeting academic requirements.

 Academic Eligibility Policy