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Course Weighing Policy

AP and College level courses-multipied by 1.07

Honors courses -multiplied by 1.05

Honor Roll

Principal's List - From Each Grade-

The top three students by weighted average

Gold Honors - Students with a 93 or better weighted average

Silver Honors - Students with an 88 to 92.9 weighted average

Purple Honors - Students with an 83 to 87.9 weighted average

Graduation Honors

Bishop's Awards for General Excellence These awards are presented to the two Seniors who rank 1 and 2 and demonstrate excellence in academics, character and extracurricular activities over four years.

Academic Achievement Awards

Awards are presented for excellence in the following academic areas: Art, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Science, and Social Studies.

In addition, Loughlin students receive numerous grants and scholarships. We are proud to publish these achievements.