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Performing and Visual Arts Program

This is the place for...Music!

The performing arts program is designed to prepare the student for college, as well as a career in the arts. Our program is highly demanding, but can take any student, whether they are a beginner or advanced, to the college level. Evidence of this is seen in the high number of students receiving scholarships, performing well in state competitions and evaluations, as well as being able to perform with sophisticated groups in the NY metropolitan area.

Performing Arts Opportunities @ Loughlin

  • The performing arts program is responsible for about 50 performances throughout the school year and includes a variety of ensembles.
  • 20% of our students receive scholarships into universities.
  • 95% of our students score in the highest percentile of NYSSMA.
  • Students also perform with the Interschool Orchestra which is a NYC based ensemble conducted by professional musicians affiliated with the NY Philharmonic.
  • Students are also members of Jazz at Lincoln Center, directed by Wynton Marsalis.
  • Students also perform with the All City Honors music ensembles.
  • Every year a Broadway musical is performed which is a collaborative effort between music, dance and drama.
  • In their senior year of high school, advanced students may work as a teacher assistant in any of the music elective classes and receive a full credit for it.

Graduates of Loughlin's distinguished arts program have been recipients of the following scholarships and grants since 2011

Course Descriptions

"Do For Love"

NYC 2022 Marathon

Little Shop of Horrors Musical 2022


Performances featured: 

  • Kiev Charles '23 (singing "Stars" from Les Miserables) 
  • Jason Lukito '23 (piano- Debussy's "Arabesque") 
  • Kamaiyah Parchment '22 (singing "Were You There?")
  • Storm Vialet '22 (singing "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child") 
  • Celines Garcia '21 (singing "Ave Maria") 

BHM 2021 Performance

School Song

Loughlin Chorus

Loughlin Piano Trumpet Duo

Loughlin Piano Flute Duo

Loughlin Chorus

Loughlin Clarinet Duo