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Bishop McDonnell

Our BMD Scholars

Dear Bishop McDonnell Alumna,

Your gifts to Bishop Loughlin MHS in honor of our alma mater make Loughlin more accessible to talented and ambitious, but financially struggling, high school girls. Although we try mightily to keep tuition as low as feasible while offering a superb academic and spiritual education, costs inevitably go up. Next year’s tuition will be $9,000 -- a staggering amount for most current Loughlin families. And these families, like our own of a few generations back, are hard-working, lower income people for whom educating their daughters in the Catholic tradition is an absolute priority. But despite their hard work, many fall short of being able to pay all of the tuition. Simply put, your gift to the Bishop McDonnell scholarship helps current families give their daughters what our own parents so proudly gave us – the opportunity to be educated at a thriving, dynamic Catholic high school.

These families want a Loughlin education for their daughters for two primary reasons.

First, they know that since 1851 Loughlin has been educating young men, and since alma mater closed in 1973, young women, in the Catholic tradition. They embrace the message adorning the first floor hallway: “Let it be known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school.” Faith permeates the Loughlin experience. Being good and doing good is expected of every Loughlin student, in school, at home, and in the world. Caring for others is a mandate. Loughlin students live by their motto: “Enter to learn; leave to serve.” Today’s Loughlin parents, just like ours, want their daughters educated in a faith and value-based environment.

Second, they know about Loughlin’s academic excellence. Loughlin offers a rigorous curriculum that is impressive by any measure, including Advanced Placement courses from liberal arts to natural sciences to performing arts. Our most recent addition is a spectacular STEM program -- a multi-year program in engineering and bio-medical sciences, taught in one of two new, state of the art labs by a team of faculty members specially trained in the curriculum at either the University of Texas or the Rochester Institute of Technology. Today’s Loughlin parents want their daughters educated for the modern world and the modern workplace.

I promise you, on every level, Bishop Loughlin today is a school every Bishop McDonnell graduate of yesterday should be proud to call alma mater.

Many of you gave to our successful Capital Campaign, ensuring that Loughlin’s “bricks and mortar” will be restored to robust condition. It is the Bishop McDonnell Scholarship, however, that dictates how many young women will have the privilege of entering the building. Please consider making a gift to our Scholarship Fund so another family can give their daughter what your family gave you.

To schedule a tour of Memorial Hall or if you have questions, please contact Josephine McKenna at 718-857-2700 x2250


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