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Bishop McDonnell Scholarship

Our BMD Scholars


When we were in Bishop McDonnell, we banded together each March to raise money for the Lenten Mission drive. We did this in various, creative ways. The total amount raised was sent to missions to provide food for orphans in poverty stricken areas here and abroad. In 1964 Bishop’s contribution to the Crusade topped every other school in the Diocese. Surely, that generous school spirit is alive today.

The Loughlin students today, in many ways, are the same as the Bishop McDonnell students of our day. Their parents are hard working and want what is best for their children. Tuition is even more of a burden for today’s families than it was for our parents. We know how hard it was then. Can you imagine paying for it now? If educating one’s child in a Catholic school entails such a financial burden, why do so many families sacrifice so many things merely to send their children to private schools? The answer is simple. The social and moral benefits derived from this course are well worth the cost to the Catholic parent whose child matures to be a well-educated Christian adult. For this reason, Loughlin accepts some children each semester free of charge. But we must do more.

Now is the chance for us to give back a fraction of what we received. This is your chance to stand up and make a difference in the life of a child who, without our help, would never have the opportunity to receive a diocesan education and in some cases, this will be the difference between success and failure.

Think of this as a modern day crusade drive. We ask you give only what you can afford, and whatever the amount it is, as in our crusade drives, it will be joined with all of the Memorialite gifts and become a legacy in which we can keep the name of our beloved school alive.

The Bishop McDonnell Memorial Scholarship will give the gift of a diocesan education to a child. Won’t you help make a child’s dream a reality?

“God won’t ask you how many children you had, but how many children you helped.”


Mary Collins-Macchiarola `58   Justine DeVito-Tenney `64
Phyllis Murphy-Howell `67