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Louis J. Maffei Scholarship Fund

We are extremely proud to establish a new scholarship in honor of the great and long-time Loughlin educator,

Lou Maffei. 

The Louis J. Maffei Performing Arts Scholarship Fund will ensure that students at Loughlin with an interest and talent for music can receive a well-rounded Lasallian education and further their music education. 

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In Lou’s words:

If I could do it all over, I would not change a thing.
Our program evolved from the ashes of the Angelo Consoli regime to the modern co-ed program of today. The traditional 25-piece string orchestra became a 150-piece band capable of playing all genres of music from symphonic bands to modern rock, jazz, and R&B. In addition, today’s performing arts program includes six dance groups as well as drama.

We have become the first NYC marathon band. Our students study one on one with some of the best private musicians in the greater NYC area. Because of the modern facilities, we have become the home of the annual-city middle school honors band and choral and orchestral festivals.

Many of our students participate in the all-city high school honors ensembles as well. Our students also graduate with music and performing arts scholarships. Through our AP Music theory courses, they are ready to excel on the collegiate level. Each year we prove our claims with successful annual state evaluation results.

Probably the thing that I am most proud of is that the program incorporates all styles of music. With the use of our recording studio, it has become possible for our students to document their work and create portfolios that serve as an artistic blueprint for the future. In addition, through our scholarships, we can continue to make it possible for every student, poor or rich, to get the opportunity to excel at Bishop Loughlin artistically, spiritually, and academically.