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Dear Friend of Loughlin,

It seems as if we have just pushed away from our Thanksgiving tables filled with the good things the Lord has provided and find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of “The Season.” It strikes me as not unlike Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, as she dropped down out of the sky into the Land of Oz filled with dazzling sights and eager to find her way home. If we stay with the metaphor for a moment, just like Dorothy, we want to find our way back home despite the distractions.

Advent presents us with a wonderful opportunity to journey home. Home in this case isn’t somewhere else; home is deep down inside ourselves, finding the place where we can feel “at home” with who we are. After all, Christmas strips away all the glitter and pomp of kingship in favor of a wretched poverty.

At Loughlin this Advent season we will have multiple opportunities to do this spiritually. For the three weeks we are in school, Campus Ministry will create and lead prayer services for students and staff. Our sophomores will embrace the Advent season while on their small class retreats. These activities will culminate in our Christmas liturgies celebrated at Queen of All Saints across the street. Lest we become too focused on ourselves and what we want for Christmas, each of our seven houses in our student government system will be adopting a family that is experiencing real need. Each house will shop for their family and provide gifts for each member of the family. In addition, our Lasallian Youth Group is conducting a toy drive for children in Brooklyn Hospital; these donations are primarily from our dedicated faculty and staff. Taken as a whole, we hope these small acts of love form a richer community, truer to who we want to be as men and women of Loughlin.

In the month of December, we send out our high school acceptance letters based on student performance on the Test for Admission to Catholic High School (TACHS). Many eighth graders wait for these letters with bated breath. We eagerly await their arrival as we prepare to welcome the Class of 2022. Students and staff will strive to make them feel at home at Loughlin throughout the admission process. After all, many of our families and students describe Loughlin as a family.

Enjoy the next few weeks of Advent while we wait in eager anticipation that our hopes will be fulfilled with the birth of the Messiah. May you discover a place you can call home and find rest in the hustle and bustle of “The Season.”

Warm regards,

Bro. Dennis Cronin, FSC