Student Athlete Requirements

Transfer Athlete Form

This form is required of all transfer students who wish to participate in interscholastic sports. The responsibility for the completion of this form lies with the school the student currently attends. The transfer form must be completely filled out with proper documentation attached or the Eligibility and Infractions Committee will not rule on the application. You can obtain this form by clicking here

Medical Clearance Form

All students participating in any sports must complete a physical every year. Students will not be able to participate in any sports until the Nurse has received your updated medical. You can obtain a sports medical form by clicking here.

In addition, student athletes submit the NYSED Health History for Athletics Form prior to participating in sports, located here. *Please disregard the word 'sample' in the title of the document.

Academic Requirements

Bishop Loughlin believes that educating the whole person is important and that athletics are a vital part of that education. Participation , however, is predicated on meeting academic requirements.