Campus Ministry

Bishop Loughlin’s Campus Ministry brings students closer to God through Faith, Service and Community.


Every day starts with a prayer, selected by Campus Ministry, that speaks to the needs of adolescents. There are special prayer services throughout the school year.

Retreats help students understand themselves and their classmates better. They provide a foundation for spirituality. Every Loughlin student attends a one-day retreat and can elect to go on weekend retreats.

We begin the school year with a Mass of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate Christmas and Easter liturgies. We have a baccalaureate mass for our graduating seniors.

A Lasallian Education proposes – but in no way imposes – Jesus Christ. At a Lasallian school, all students are treated with respect and care, whatever their religious beliefs.


At Loughlin, there are plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer – soup kitchens, food pantries, helping the elderly and the disadvantaged. Community service helps students gain perspective. It teaches them that it feels good to serve. We are proud of the more than 1,500 hours of community service that our 150 volunteers average every year.

Bishop Loughlin’s Lasallian sister school in Kenya, St. Mary’s, provides a free education for children of poor families and street children in Kenya. For over 10 years Loughlin has supported St. Mary’s mission through many school-wide fundraisers.


Campus Ministry and Lasallian Youth are communities where students learn how to form strong bonds with each other through faith and service. With projects like “Fair Trade Friday", students gain a global perspective on how social justice can help the underprivileged.

Our Campus Minister