St. Mary's Donations


As you know, our brother school in Kenya has been hit hard with COVID. Every year, Bishop Loughlin supports St. Mary’s by raising money to help with school expenses, food, and clothing. This year, we have struggled to raise money due to hybrid learning.

For those willing to contribute $5.00 or more, Loughlin will permit you to be OUT OF UNIFORM on March 29, 30, and 31. That’s all three days for just $5.00! As we approach Easter, Loughlin’s donation is a source of new life for the students at St. Mary’s.

Even if you are a “remote only” learner, you know it would be nice to wear comfortable clothing right before our vacation. And, think of how good you will feel about helping a struggling family in Kenya.

To donate, please use the form below. If you are a “hybrid learner”, we will be collecting for this special OUT OF UNIFORM fundraiser every day in the cafeteria during the lunch periods. Thank you and God bless!

First page of the PDF file: SAINT_MARYS_PICTURES_2021
First page of the PDF file: SAINT_MARYS_PICS_2021b

Out of Uniform/St. Mary's Donation Form