Dress Code

The school uniform pants, slacks and skirts can only be purchased at:

The Ideal Department Store
1816 Flatbush Ave. (between Aves. J & K)
Phone: 718-252-5090

Uniform Requirements Fall/Spring: This uniform is in effect from September to October 15 & April 15 to the end of the school year

  • Navy or Khaki DICKIES pants purchased at Ideal only
  • White or Blue short sleeve polo shirt with school logo
  • Black Leather Shoes

Winter Uniform is in effect from October 15 to April 15

  • Navy or Khaki DICKIES purchased at Ideal only
  • White, Blue, or Denim button down long or short sleeve oxford shirt
  • Navy Blue Cardigan, sweater, or fleece with school logo
  • Navy Blue Blazer with school logo (recommended)
  • Black Leather Shoes
Uniform Requirements
  • Blue/White oxford shirts (long/short sleeve)
  • Blue/White golf polo shirts (short sleeve only)
  • Navy, Khaki, uniform pants (boys/girls)
  • Navy, Khaki skirts (girls-must be knee length)
  • Black leather shoes (no sneakers, boots, Pradas)
  • Black or Brown belts (must be modest)
  • Solid stockings/socks/knee highs (Black, White, Navy)
  • Navy School sweater, blazer, vest, cardigan, or fleece
  • for boys, ties are encouraged, but optional

Specific Regulations

  1. Skirts must be at the knee. Any girl who does not adhere to this policy may lose the privilege of wearing a skirt. She would then have to wear the uniform slacks. This decision would be made by a Dean or another administrator.
  2. Boys must wear a belt secured at the waist. DROOPING slacks worn in a street style will NOT be tolerated.
  3. Boys and girls must always have their shirts tucked in their skirts or slacks all day and everyday. Girls should wear shirts that are long enough to be neatly and appropriately tucked in. Boys should wear shirts that fit them properly and are of a length that can be comfortably tucked in. Rolling the shirt so that it looks tucked in is NOT acceptable.
  4. No other Loughlin clothing item (i.e. cheerleading jacket, basketball shirt or jacket, sweatshirt from the Lion's Den etc.) may be worn.
  5. Hats, bandanas, do-rags and any other head gear may NOT be worn in the building. Students should remove all head gear prior to entering the building. It should be placed in one's locker as soon as possible and kept there all day. Students who do not adhere to this policy risk having their head gear confiscated.
  6. If girls choose to wear stockings they must be navy, black, or white. No leggings or leg warmers are allowed. Socks must be a solid color and have no stripes or designs.
  1. Black loafers or black tie shoes are acceptable school uniform shoes. Shoes should not have any type of design or insignia.
  2. Shoes are the only acceptable footwear. Boots may NOT be worn. Open back shoes, slippers are not permitted.