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House System

The House System is an all encompassing way of structuring student life. This model of student government creates a sense of belonging, fosters school spirit, and provides an array of leadership opportunities for all students.

All students and faculty are assigned to one of eight houses; Augustine, Bonilla, Cordero, Drexel, McDonnell, Raphael, Solomon or Toussaint, as life time members. This concept helps foster bonds between teachers and students, and builds a strong sense of belonging to Bishop Loughlin. It is also meant to create a sense of continuity and permanence for our graduates.

The House System promotes friendly competition. Houses earn points for academic achievement, exemplary character, and participation in activities, athletics, and community service.

House System

of Student Governance

House System Co-Directors:

House System Student Body Executives:

House Leader's Pledge

We, the student leaders of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, united as one, stand dedicated to:

  • Lead with respect and an open mind
  • Inspire and inform our fellow peers
  • Foster communication between students, faculty and administration
  • Build and maintain a tradition of excellence

Our dedication to these tenets will better service the needs of our fellow peers resulting in greater school spirit and pride.