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Augustine House


Fides, Scientia, Animus (Faith, Knowledge, Courage)


To help others make the best decisions guided by faith, knowledge, and courage. Men and women of Augustine House will lead by example.

About Saint Augustine:

Saint Augustine was born on the 13 of November, 354 in North Africa. He, at first, was a man who lived by passive morals. When he converted to Christianity, that all changed. He became a man of religion. He wrote many books in Latin, and founded a monastery. He died in 430 A.D. of natural causes. St. Augutine's writings are considered to be among the greatest theological works of all time. We celebrate his feast day on August 28.

Did you Know?

  • Augustine lived almost entirely on vegetables.
  • Augustine founded a religious order for women, but all females, even his sister, were excluded from his house and could see him only in the presence of others.
  • A rich pagan man chose the young Augustine to be his protege, in hopes the bright young philosopher would help turn the rapidly Christianizing Roman empire back to paganism.

Saint Augustine's Feast Day: August 28

House Color: Grey

Mascot: Augustine Lancer

House Director: Ms. Nichole Bullard

Family Mentors:

  • J. Keys
  • R. Jason
  • B. O'Neil
  • C Cericola