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Bonilla House


Together we soar above the crowd.


To achieve unity and success

About Brother James Bonilla:

Brother James Bonilla, FSC graduated from Bishop Loughlin in 1955. He joined the Christian Brothers after high school and took his final vows in 1962. After serving in various capacities as a Christian Brother he returned to Loughlin in 1985 and served as our principal until his death on October 17th 1997. As a devout Christian Brother he wanted every Loughlinite, both students and faculty, to know about and to love our LaSallian heritage.

As part of his service as a Christian Brother he spent many years as the Director of Saint Gabriel’s Hall, a school for teenagers convicted of crimes. He strongly believed in giving second chances and worked hard to help teenagers make better choices in their lives when given that opportunity. He also was a firm believer in the principle of trying something new if a different result is expected. His point being, don’t expect a different result if you continue to do the same thing over and over.

Brother James had a fervent school pride and spirit, and because of this, we at Loughlin called him a “Loyal son of old St. James,” a line from our school song. He loved athletics, was competitive in nature, and encouraged students to participate in school functions, events, and athletics. In addition Brother James is credited with strengthening the St. James – Bishop Loughlin Alumni Society and refurbishing the school track and hand ball courts. While Principal, he also served as the handball coach. In honor of his memory, each year The Brother James Bonilla award is given to a junior who is an outstanding athlete and person of good character

Brother James Bonilla's Date of Birth: Febuary 20, 1937

House Color: Navy Blue

Mascot: The Eagle

House Director: Ms. Lamarque

Family Mentors:

  • T. Callahan
  • J. Baduy
  • D. Rodriguez
  • E. Randall