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Cordero House


I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

--William Ernest Henley


To represent Bishop Loughlin as respectable young men and women, to uphold the rules and regulations of the school, to foster a positive learning environment, to bring the school together in friendly competition, to support our community as well as our school, to bring about change in the world as we change ourselves for the better, to always remember we are Cordero Loughlinites everywhere we go.

About Saint Miguel Febres Cordero:

Miguel Febres Cordero is a saint from Ecuador. Miguel Cordero was born crippled and was not able to walk until he was five years old. At the age of 18, he became the first Ecuadorian to join the Novitiate. St. Miguel excelled in linguistics and literature, thus earning him membership in the Ecuadorian Academy of Letters in 1892, followed by the Academies of Spain, France, and Venezuela. St. Miguel was also a teacher for many years.

In 1907, Brother Miguel was sent to Europe to translate texts into Spanish, which were to be used by the Christian Brothers who were exiled from France. In 1909, he was transferred to the junior novitiate at Premia del Mar, where he oversaw an evacuation of his charges to Barcelona. Shortly thereafter, he contracted pneumonia and died at Premia del Mar.

Beatified: October 30, 1977 by Pope Paul VI
Canonized: October 21, 1984 by Pope John Paul II

Saint Cordero's Feast Day: February 9

House Color: Brown

Mascot: A Ram

House Director: Mr. Petrus Fortune

Family Mentors:

  • M. Peros
  • S. Ortiz
  • M. McCarthy
  • Y. Andrades