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Toussaint House


Foi, Charite, Liberte (Faith, Charity, Liberty)


To develop a strong unity between the grades,
Where all voices can be heard.
When we participate in friendly competitions
Together we will strive for excellence.

About Saint Pierre Toussaint:

Pierre Toussaint was born a Catholic slave in Haiti. His owners taught him to read and write and he came to New York from Haiti in 1787. In New York he became an apprentice to one of the city’s leading hairdressers.

As Pierre was establishing a good reputation among New York’s elite as a hair dresser, an increasing number of Haitian refuges in the American city brought reports of murder and devastation from the island. With the money he had received as a hairdresser, Pierre bought his sister’s freedom. He selflessly decided to remain a slave, however thinking he could better care of his owner, the recently widowed Madame Bernard. Unfortunately her health declined and on her death bed she granted Pierre his freedom.

At the age of 41 he married the slave Juliette Noel and bought her freedom. Pierre continued the charitable work he had begun informally, helping refugees find jobs and caring for orphans. When the plague struck New York, Pierre personally cared for the victims.

In 1968, the long process to canonize Pierre Toussaint as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church began. In 1990, his body was moved to a crypt under the main alter of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. In view of his lifelong commitment to helping others, Pierre Toussaint is credited as a founder of Catholic charitable works in the United States.

Saint Toussaint's Feast Day: February 22

House Color: Light Blue

Mascot: A Knight

House Director: Mr. Orlando Santiago

Family Mentors:

  • K. Ze
  • C. Medina
  • R. McGuire
  • W. Antoine