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Loughlin's 2022 Literary Event! Winners & Awards!

Loughlin's 13th annual Literary Event took place on Friday, June 10th.  This year’s event featured a performance by Loughlin’s Poets & Writers Club under the direction of Poets & Writers' President, Jocelyn Serrano Atienza, Co-Vice Presidents, Emmanuel Benamer and Tai Sheppard, and Club Moderator, Mr. Frank.  This performance addressed the impact social media has had on peoples' lives particularly on one's perception of self and others.  

The event also honored this year's Rising Writer Award to the freshman who displays exceptional promise in the art of writing to Esther Branch and the Senior Scribe Award to the senior who has displayed prowess in the art of writing and made significant contributions to the written word over their four years at Loughlin to Katherine Rodriguez

Finally, the event concluded by presenting the winning works of this year’s BLoglin Writing Contest, which also addressed how social media impacts our lives.  It should be noted that this year’s contest received a record number of submissions! Therefore, it is a great honor to announce the winners of this year’s BLoglin Writing Contest, which are as follows:

First Prize - Nya Alexander for her poem, "Spiral"

Second Prize - Katherine Rodriguez for her poem, "Tick"

Third Prize - Tai Sheppard for her short story, "All You Can and Should Be"

Runner Ups were: 

Previous BLoglin Winners