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Highlights from the 12th Annual Literary Event

This year's 12th Annual Loughlin Literary Event began with a collaborative, original performance by Loughlin's Poets & Writers Club and Drama Club.  The writers and performers were led by Poets and Writers President, Jocelyn Serrano Atienza and Vice President, Tai Sheppard as well as Poets and Writers Club Moderator, Mr. Frank and Drama Club Director, Mr. JohnsonMr. Johnson and Assistant Director, Mr. Frank honored the following Drama Club Seniors for their outstanding, featured performances over their four years at Loughlin:

  • Hanny Echeverria Navarro
  • Celines Garcia
  • Jasmine Hooker
  • Rose Walsh

And a BIG congratulations to Rose Walsh, the recipient of The 2021 Senior Scribe Award.

Class of '21 Tribute

And now for our 12th Annual BLoglin Contest Winners!

1st Place goes to....

Sophomore Emmanuel Benamer! For his short story titled, "The Beginning of the End".


2nd place goes to...

Junior Marcus Hardy for his short story, "yin to my".


3rd place goes to...

Freshman Kiana Ketcham for her poem titled, "Ephemera". Kiana was also the recipient of the 2021 Freshman Rising Writer Award!

12th Annual Literary Event

Highlights from the 11th Annual BLoglin Writing Contest

Ameer BrownAnnual Senior Scribe Award recipient for his outstanding contributions to the written word and exemplary commitment to Loughlin's literary community throughout his entire four years at Loughlin.  

  • Runner up: Senior Abrianna Gibbs with her poem entitled, "I Remember".  

First place TIE!: Freshmen Jocelyn Serrano Atienza for her poem entitled, "Backwards".  

First place TIE!: Freshmen Eliana Melo for her poem entitled, "Blue Jar"