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Loughlin Student Activity Days a Big Success!

As seen on our social media outlets:

For many of us, the end of January at BLMHS meant spending lots of time studying hard for Midterms and Regents exams and attending extra help sessions whenever we could. This year, BLMHS Faculty and Staff organized a series of workshops conducted over 2 full school days so that students could unwind, take a break, and take part in their favorite hobbies with their peers!

Workshops included: In the Kitchen with Ms. Jason and Ms. Lamarque, Crochet & Knit with Ms. Burns, Yoga with Ms. Leviashvili and Ms. Paccione, Charades with Mr. Foley, Kahoot! Trivia with Mr. Frank, Meditation with the Guidance Department, Gaming with Mr. Moore, Name that Tune with the Music Department, and much, much more!

Some activities were academically-geared as well. Students attended a mandatory Plagiarism Prevention Workshop led by the English and Romance Language Departments, they had the opportunity to hear about their course options for the next school year, and students in National Honor Society led by Ms. Madar had the opportunity to virtually meet with the Director of Enrollment at Macaulay Honors College.

All in all, it was a very productive and fun two days and a great time was had by students and faculty alike!